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Ethics & Integrity, Knowledge, Collaboration, Caring, Agility, Empowerment & Accountability and Sustainability
Employees will adhere by the Code of Ethics & Business conduct policy and proactively encourage such behavior. Employee will report or alert the Management on any suspected violation or being put under undue stress to potentially violate by co-employees or outsiders, to enable a rigorous implementation of the policy
As a Technology driven Business, Knowledge Roadmap is a critical success factor of the Organization. It is important to plan, build capability to execute this Roadmap to secure IP for improved competitiveness & profitability.
In this VUCA world, it is important to collaborate both internally & externally to leverage the respective strengths to accomplish the Business goal. It is important to minimize loss of opportunity cost by building on internal & external partners’ strengths to offer competitive User Experience with reduced time to market. Thus Role based approach gathers importance over fixed hierarchical structure.

Respect for partners, internal & external, is important value to generate team motivation, higher engagement & eventually improved retention of Suppliers, Employees & Customers. Caring for Stakeholder will eventually drive growth. 

In this VUCA world, agility in every aspect of Business & Organization will provide the required competitive edge to meeting Customer expectations. Fluid approach will encourage optimum cost build up while maximizing User experience for the Customers. 

Clear accountability in Roles enable the accountability to be delegated to Function & Project Leaders with commensurate empowerment to achieve expected results. 

Priority to Sustainability in Business, Organization & Environment is an important value that will different choices in execution of the growth Roadmap