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Test Automation

Actuator Test Set (ATS)

ATS evaluates the performance of LCA’s primary, secondary and Airbrake actuators one at time. It can be used in 1/2/3/4/ channel mode. The actuator can be tested in open / closed loop modes. The system can also be used for Go / No Go tests of actuators. The unit is self-contained with PC, built-in power supplies, Protection circuits and Real time Data Acquisition software.

Actuator Tester

The Actuator Tester evaluates the performance of LCA FCS servo actuators (Elevon/Rudder, LES IB/MB/OB & Airbrake) one at time automatically. The system is GO / NO GO type test equipment and contains Electronic cards having servo loop electronics similar to that of Digital Flight Control Computer (DFCC) of LCA, built-in power supplies, Protection circuits and Real time Data Acquisition software. GUI present in the rugged laptop helps in automation of tests with time stamping. It is rugged, compact, lesser weight and completely automated with minimal user interface and meets the squadron level environmental conditions. The Actuator Tester is used to test the actuators for Pre Installation (PI) Checks, O level and I level Maintenance checks.


A squadron level MF-UFCP Test Rig has been developed by DELOPT to facilitate operational level maintenance requirements of LCA Squadron. This Test Rig is used for testing various functions and parameters of Up-Front Control Panel for formal flight clearance. This Test rig has test simulator software to identify GO/NOGO status of MF-UFCP. Based on GO/NOGO status, it helps to identify SRU level failure This test rig also used to download the application software with the provision to specify the memory location. This Portable and compact test rig is qualified for environmental & durability as per JSS: 55555(Class5)