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People counting solution

DELOPT stands out as one of the few global and the sole indigenous manufacturer specializing in high-accuracy people counters, employing cutting-edge 3D vision technology. Since 2012, our globally deployed ROBOVISION 3D brand of footfall counters has also found success in the Indian market. We provide people counters with multiple technologies to cater to diverse site and customer flow scenarios. All our products are meticulously designed and manufactured in India.


Robovision Ultra+ elevates 3D vision counting performance to unprecedented levels, boasting an unparalleled count accuracy of 98% and above. Utilizing the industry’s cutting-edge high-precision 3D vision technology sensor, it excels in dynamic counting applications across indoor and sunlit surfaces. This ensures accurate counting in diverse lighting conditions, ranging from darkness to bright light. Globally adopted, this device serves as a reliable footfall count and people counting solution.


Introducing the DELOPTSTRIDE series of People Counting Systems featuring state-of-the-art 3D technology tailored for a diverse range of applications. This intelligent edge device is equipped with an embedded IR, allowing it to operate seamlessly in variable lighting conditions while delivering optimal performance. The system is available in a master and slave combination, enhancing coverage for a wider area.