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Occupancy Solution

Real-Time Occupancy solution

DELOPT Occupancy Solution offers a cutting-edge, non-camera cloud-based system designed to provide users with precise individual occupancy data, including desk occupancy, washroom occupancy, and workspace occupancy. Renowned for its affordability and unparalleled accuracy, this solution boasts a remarkable accuracy rate exceeding 98%. Utilizing sensors to capture real-time occupancy status, the system delivers invaluable insights through a user-friendly cloud-based dashboard, empowering CRE (Commercial Real Estate) professionals with immediate visibility into daily office occupancy and vacancy trends.

By optimizing the utilization of existing facilities and mitigating the risks associated with overcrowding or underutilization of space, DELOPT Occupancy Solution significantly enhances the occupier experience. Furthermore, it facilitates proactive planning by enabling organizations to anticipate and strategize for future space requirements effectively.

With its emphasis on accuracy, affordability, and actionable insights, DELOPT Occupancy Solution is poised to revolutionize how organizations manage their office space, making it a must-have tool for CRE professionals seeking to maximize efficiency and optimize resource allocation.