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Our Thermal Image core and TI-based products stand as the result of a wholly indigenous effort. This comprehensive product range features a thermal core, a low-power Thermal Camera designed for mini UAV applications, a TI-based Weapons Sight (TIWS) tailored for the Indian Army, and a Hand-Held Thermal Imager (HHTI). Each product is a testament to our commitment to innovation and technological excellence.

Thermal Imager Core/ Camera

The TI Core is developed in-house based on state-of-the-art low-power electronics and proprietary algorithms and provides the highest quality thermal imagery both during day and night. Thermal Imager developed is based on 25 / 17-micron pitch (384 x 288) / (640 x 480) uncooled microbolometer array operating at room temperature. It is compact, rugged, and consumes low power. These Thermal Imager cores encapsulate a wide horizon of applications starting from medical and industrial diagnostics to critical security & surveillance.

Thermal Imager Weapon Sight

IKSHAN family of Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight is indigenously developed by DELOPT for AK-47, INSAS LMG, INSAS Rifle, Assault Rifle, etc. The device has state electronics and proprietary algorithms, providing of the art low power highest quality imagery both during day and night. Compliant with JSS-55555 Standards, the Weapon Sight is compact, rugged, lightweight, and provides reliable operation in extreme weather conditions. The device is battery operated and features an OLED display with good eye relief, an Optional Inbuilt Video recorder, and User configurable Overlay options on display. Exceptional DRI range.

Hand Held Thermal Imager

IKSHAN family of Hand Held Thermal Imager sight has state-of-the-art electronics and proprietary algorithms, the high-sensitivity built-in thermal detector provides the user with a clear view even in total darkness. The unit is compact, Rugged in design, and, consumes low power. Most suitable for night vision applications under total darkness, Haze, and, smoke conditions for Security & Surveillance, Wildlife detection & Night Hunt. The unit is battery operated and features Good endurance and service life

Stabilized Electro-Optics Payload

DELOPT developed stabilized EO Payload for UAV application. The Gimbal has either CCD or IR camera with high stabilization accuracy. It is compact and low weight, well suitable for mounting on UAVs/Drones. The Solution enables the UAV/Drones to perform surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance operations. The product features Elevation freedom of Nx360 deg and an Elevation freedom of +/-90 deg. The product has a Thermal Camera with 640×480 resolution or a Day Camera with 1080p resolution with a Composite /HDMI Video Interface

Multi Sight

DELOPT developed Multi Target Sight for Security & Surveillance applications of Medium/Long Range Observation & Detection. The device can be used for Combat Ground Vehicle & Gun Control, Remote control Weapon Sight Applications. Day camera, Night camera and Laser range finder is optically aligned. The system provides user interface through GUI software