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Display System in the Cockpit

This cockpit display system of  LCA enables the pilot to interface with the aircraft subsystems and HUD display through a number of illuminated, programmable keys and controls. A color LCD display provides vital data with Day / Night vision capabilities. The MF-UFCP is modular, compact, and can be customized to other aircraft. This unit has undergone Environmental tests as per Mil-STD-810E, Power supply Compliance tests as per MIL-STD-704D, and EMI/EMC tests as per MIL-STD-461D and is certified by CEMILAC

VME I/O Card

VME I/O card is SRU level subsystem of Open Architecture Computer (OAC) of LCA. The I/O card is a VME 64X Slave card compliant with ANSI/VITA 1-194 standards. The card supports 48 discrete I/O cells. Each cell is user configurable as Inputs/ Outputs / Monitored Outputs. The I/O cells are short-circuit protected and optically isolated. The VME I/O card meets Military standards and is certified by CEMILAC

Central Warning System – Enhancement Card

This card is designed and developed to meet the requirement of replacing the third-party obsolete component. This miniature card enhances features like alarm tones. This is an in-situ replacement in the same footprint as the original obsolete component and delivered as a drop-in replacement after necessary qualification. This card has undergone required qualification tests as part of the re-certification process.