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Display System in the Cockpit

The cockpit display system of the LCA empowers the pilot to seamlessly interact with the aircraft subsystems and HUD display, utilizing a series of illuminated, programmable keys and controls. The system features a color LCD display that delivers essential data with both Day and Night vision capabilities. Notably, the Modular cockpit display system is designed to be compact, allowing for customization to accommodate other aircraft models. Rigorous testing, including Environmental tests per Mil-STD-810E, Power supply Compliance tests following MIL-STD-704D, and EMI/EMC tests adhering to MIL-STD-461D, has been successfully completed. Additionally, the system is certified by CEMILAC, ensuring compliance with stringent aviation standards.

VME I/O Card

The VME I/O card serves as a subsystem at the SRU level within the Open Architecture Computer (OAC) of the LCA. Complying with ANSI/VITA 1-194 standards, this VME 64X Slave card plays a pivotal role. Boasting 48 discrete I/O cells, each of which is user configurable as Inputs, Outputs or Monitored Outputs, the card ensures versatile functionality. Furthermore, these I/O cells are equipped with short-circuit protection and optical isolation for enhanced reliability. Strict adherence to Military standards and certification by CEMILAC underscores the VME I/O card’s robustness and suitability for deployment in critical aerospace applications.

Central Warning System – Enhancement Card

Crafted to address the need for replacing a third-party obsolete component, this meticulously designed and developed miniature card brings a host of enhancements, including upgraded features like alarm tones. Positioned as an in-situ replacement, it seamlessly fits into the same footprint as the original obsolete component, presenting itself as a drop-in replacement post the essential qualification procedures. The card has successfully undergone the necessary qualification tests as an integral part of the comprehensive re-certification process, ensuring its reliability and compatibility with the existing system.