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DELOPT has developed a fully unmanned security solution for ATMs and Banks. The system developed based on 3D sensors, a proprietary technology product of DELOPT can generate instantaneous alerts on occurrence of various types of abnormal events including attempts to sabotage of camera, sabotage of ATM etc. Abnormal events are recorded and email as well as SMS alerts sent to concerned persons in real time in addition to beeper at ATM and control centre. The security solution not only obviates the need of security personnel at the ATMs but also prevents occurrence of abnormal events before they happen.

Features :

Instantaneous alert on occurrence of abnormal events
  • Sabotage of camera
  • Attack on ATM
  • More than one person at ATM
  • Person at ATM beyond specified time
  • Person with face partially / fully covered
Selective annunciation of alerts
  • Beeper at ATM
  • Beeper at control station
  • Email with image to concerned person
  • SMS with image to concerned person
  • Alert to local police station

Highlights :

  • Can operate in full darkness
  • Fully unmanned monitoring on 24 X 7 basis
  • Automatic Recording of abnormal events
  • Counting of people who visit the ATM
  • IP based system monitoring from anywhere in the world
Can be extended for security of
  • Strong Rooms
  • Vaults
  • Branch Security
Additional features - Alert On
  • Entry of any person beyond specified hours
  • Loitering / Suspicious movement
  • Removal of specified objects
  • Insertion of unwanted objects
  • Counting of people who visit the branch
  • Records generated on daily / weekly / monthly basis
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